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Furry Fall Fashion: How to dress fashion-forward in unpredictable weather

Furry Fall Fashion: How to dress fashion-forward in unpredictable weather

What’s hopping? It’s me, Guinness the Rabbit!

I’ve lived in Wisconsin for my entire furry life and know that this time of year is particularly difficult for all fashionistas, myself included. Lately, it’s been really cold in the morning, super hot in the afternoon, and then back to freezing temps before sun down. This dilemma is quite common for Kim and I’ve helped her by coming up with a few versatile outfits for work, play, and lounge.


Fall Fashion 1

Outfit: Long coat, trapeze dress, knee-high socks, desert boots

Why it works: The coat is great for your chilly commutes, while the long sock & boot combo won’t make you look overdressed when it heats up.

Favorite part of the outfit: The maroon suede desert-style boot by Bussola, bought from Stan’s Fit For Your Feet. This color is hot for fall and looks great with just about any outfit.



Outfit: High neck dress, faux fur vest, and over-the-knee boots

Why it works: Wearing long sleeves at the club can get too hot, but the faux fur vest keeps your core warm while making you look uber-chic. Plus, the high neck & boots keep you covered but show an appropriate amount of skin.

Favorite part of the outfit: The faux fur vest. Fur is HUGE this season, but I prefer my humans to wear the fake kind.



Outfit: Black crop top, black leggings, black wedges, and a flannel around the waist

Why it works: This simple outfit is comfy, yet edgy. You can put on the plaid flannel when it’s colder and tie it around your waist to add a nice pop of color.

Favorite part of the outfit: The Urban Outfitters cut-out crop top. You’ve seen this before on my Carrot and a Crop Top post, which shows that it’s a very versatile piece.

My biggest piece of advice for this time of year is don’t be afraid to layer! Tell us how you dress for unpredictable weather.

Remember, some bunny thinks you’re beautiful.

- G

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