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What's in the box? | Collab with Le Tote

What's in the box? | Collab with Le Tote

What's hoppin'? It's me, Guinness the Rabbit!

The holiday season is officially here, which means Kim's schedule is busier than ever! To make sure she spends enough quality time with me (aka petting me & feeding me treats), we teamed up with Le Tote! Le Tote is a clothing subscription box service that sends you curated wardrobe pieces based on your lifestyle, the weather in your area, and your style preferences. With 5 pieces to play with, Kim was able to spend more time with me and we styled 4 new outfits!

Thinking about trying Le Tote? Read on for our review & #OOTD pics!

Customizing The Box
G: Kim took a style quiz and entered her address prior to getting results for her first tote! It was sooo much quicker than her usual shopping trip!
K: After getting my initial picks for my tote, I was a little bummed by the "safe" selection and ended up replacing all 5 pieces. 

Getting The Box
G: Everything came in a small little box that was perfect for me to take naps in!
K: I was surprised at how they fit everything into such a small box! However, everything was neatly folded & packaged up inside. No complaints!

Check out the outfits we styled with what we selected for our first tote!

Piece #1: Maggy London Cascading Sleeve Sheath & Piece #2: Octavia & Co. Arrowhead Statement Necklace

G: Overall this outfit looked elegant & fun for a holiday party! We completed the look with satin nude pumps for a classy feel.
K: I loved the way this looked, but the dress felt a little tight around the hips. I'm a size 6, but probably would've been more comfortable to dance & eat (hey, these hips don't lie!) in the next size up. The necklace gave a bit of interest to the neckline without distracting from the dress, which I liked.

Piece #3: Free People Olive Bomber Jacket

G: This is THE color of the season and it looked bomb on Kim with a dusty rose bodycon dress.
K: Seriously considered purchasing this! A great bomber jacket for layering and dressing up or down.

Piece #4: First Base Split Front Maxi Skirt

G: You can never go wrong with anything in classic black!
K: Really comfy skirt! However, I felt like the skirt was shrunk in the wash before it was sent to me. The length felt a little awkward, but other than that it was cute with my favorite tee!

Piece #5: Octavia & Co. Paisley Handkerchief Scarf

G: I wanted to wear this, but Kim wouldn't let me! Anyways, it looked cute with her favorite yellow sweater.
K: Always wanted to try this type of scarf without actually buying it, so I was happy to try it! I thought the green & yellow color combo was perfect for game days. Go Packers!

Overall, we loved the concept of Le Tote. It was great to be able to try new trends without the commitment of buying them, but would change the sizing on a few items if we could. No use wearing something if you can't be comfortable! Looking to try Le Tote? Sign-up now and let us know how you liked your experience!

Remember, some bunny loves you!
- G

Author's Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions in this post are entirely our own. Thank you to Le Tote for partnering with us!

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