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Style Challenge #1: Riding Chaps

Style Challenge #1: Riding Chaps

What's hopping? It's me, Guinness the Rabbit!

LIFE UPDATE: Kim and I have been away for a hot minute. We've been busy enjoying summer and caring for my new baby brother, Jameson! He's still a baby that needs some extra care, so we needed some time away. We'll be sure to formally introduce him in the near future!

Amongst all of the craziness, Kim decided to start a style challenge for her 25th birthday. She'll be taking clothing items that are not typically trendy and we'll be styling a look with them! So we decided to kick it off with...leather riding chaps. 

Aside from Kim's obsession with Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" look, riding chaps are actually a practical piece in her wardrobe. Kim and my other human spend a lot of time on the other human's motorcycle, so a pair of chaps offer great protection! With the Harley-Davidson 115th coming up, you can be sure that Kim will be the best-dressed biker chick ever thanks to yours truly.

So here's the look we came up with to go with her new chaps! We don't advise just wearing a mesh bodysuit with them when riding. This look is simply a daring way to wear riding chaps! 

Chaps: Interstate Leather via Amazon
Bodysuit: Tobi
Photo Credit: Gdtography

We're looking for our next style challenge piece, so if you have an idea let us know in the comments!

Remember, some bunny thinks you're beautiful!

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